Halo extrudes a choice of casement profiles in both 62mm and 70mm systems, with both chamfered and sculptured options. There is also a high degree of interchangeability between systems to give fabricators and installers the optimum choice yet keeps stocks of beads, ancillaries, mouldings and reinforcement to a minimum.

Systems are available to accept 24, 28 and 32mm sealed units and there are profiles for bead choices including chamfered, scotia and ovolo shape designs. In addition a secondary weather seal on the beading gives improved performance.

Where a WER A rating is required for casement windows, a unique design on thermal insert is available for the outerframe reinforcement chamber which means a U value of just 0.8 wm2/k is achievable.

WHS Halos’ casement profiles have been independently assessed and have BS kitemark and BBA accreditation and achieve BS7950 and PAS 023/024 for security and BS6375 wind and water testing (Classification: severe)

So, whether you choose Eclipse, Esthetique, Rustique of System10 profile options from Halo you can be sure that you will be fabricating and installing one of the most versatile and highest quality casement windows on the market.

Feature & Benefits:

Casement windows fabricated from WHS Halo profile systems deliver a number of benefits to fabricators, installers and end users including:

  • Five fully enclosed chambers (five for the sash and five for the frame) with increased wall thicknesses offer additional strength and rigidity as well as improved thermal performance
  • The purpose deigned reinforcement chamber accepts galvanised steel sections easily and quickly
  • A single leg beading has a simple “knock in’ design that makes on site glazing very quick and simple as well as performing to BS7950
  • A PCE low level gasket enables quicker fabrication and installation with no risk of fitting the wrong gasket or shrinkage. It avoids the problems of “hard lumps” in corners or stretching. It also features a weather seal flipper and 3mm glazing pad for an improved seal.
  • The low level gasket design avoids the unsightly “black border” appearance of less advanced casement windows and makes the maximum area of glass visible.
  • A wider drainage channel creates quick drain flow and avoids water ponding or residue build up, for improved performance
  • All hardware and strikers are screwed into ‘top hat” fixing points and screw ports for improved security and a better technical performanace , avoiding waste and call backs
  • A 10mm overlap between sash and frame is designed as standard for improved weather performance
  • Frame extensions, sills and ancillaries can be “clipped on” securely, without screw fixings for easier and faster installation
  • WHS Halo systems are compatible with most leading brands of hardware giving fabricators and installers the choice.

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