Elegance 52

Elegance 52 is a comprehensive curtain wall system that combines technology and design with the demands of contemporary building architecture and construction.

All Elegance 52 systems use a common substructure with a width of 52 mm, allowing a slim sightline, whilst maintaining the necessary strength and inertia requirements. Weather performance, thermal insulation, building connection, ease of fabrication and installation were the key factors that influenced the design of Elegance 52.

Elegance 52 is available in 6 variants, each providing unique design features:

  • Elegance 52 ST (standard)
  • Elegance 52 HL (horizontal lining)
  • Elegance 52 SGV (structural glazed vent)
  • Elegance 52 SG (structural glazed frame)
  • Elegance 52 GF (glazed frame)
  • Elegance 52 SX (structural glazing)
  • Elegance 52 can be used in vertical, sloped or roof applications.
  • May be connected to other levels of curtain walling and building materials.
  • Weather performance tested to CWCT standards.
  • Fully integrated with other Sapa Building Systems product ranges, thus delivering a complete fašade solution

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