Upvc Department

Our Perfect Glaze windows will add a distinctive look to homes of any age or style. The elegant, Slimline, maintenance-free frames- with attractive Soft line profiles that combine traditional looks with the best modern materials- will make your rooms lighter and brighter. Our double-glazed windows are thermally insulated to minimize heat loss and make them comfortable to the touch. They reduce external noise and help eliminate draughts.

With their inherent strength and our special locking systems, you will feel comfortable and secure. You can choose from a wide range of window styles. Perfect Glaze Manufacturers a wide range of window styles, among them the opening windows can be hinged at the side or the top and sash fittings are also available from our Perfect Glaze Company.

The look of our windows can be enhanced further with a choice of plain and decorative glass styles such as Georgian and leaded and other decorative styles. Perfect Glaze Standard one is Standard white besides that you can choose from Gold, brown, black or two woodgrain finishes to suit your home perfectly and elegantly from our Perfect Glaze windows only.

With a wide range of styles and the choice of distinct colors our Perfect Glaze windows will bring perfectly and beautiful looks to your house Perfect Glaze manufacturers lot of different types of opening windows Or Vents but whichever style you choose it won't allow any burglars to your house, so we will good security for your house. Our Windows are designed so the opening vents close flush against the window frame flush which, with the low expansion and contraction rates of the Perfect Glaze window leaves no gap which can be used to praise the window open.

In addition for each style of vent, Perfect Glaze will providing high security locking system designed to suit your house. Our Perfect Glaze windows offer excellent security. They are extremely rigid to resist distortion and bending and are made from a material which is considerably stronger than PVCu and doesn't need additional reinforcement.

Our double glazed sealed units are fixed in place by high security glazing beads which make it extremely difficult to remove the glass and reach the window handle. With the Shootbolt Locking Mechanism a turn of the handle sends two high strength brass alloy bolts into the window frame. Both centre lock and bolts lock into diecase keeps in the outer frame and the bolt keeps also have a second lockable night vent position.

We use the standard Shootbolt locking system was specially designed for the windows. It features a lockable handle and strong stainless steel bolts which locate into the corners of the frame in opposite directions to prevent levering. Turn the handle and the bolts are automatically thrown, with an audible click when they are fully secured. The entire mechanism is concealed neatly within the frame and the attractive handles are available in a choice of colors.