System 20

Thermally Broken Horizontal Sliding Window

The Metal Technology thermally broken horizontal sliding window has been designed in such a way that its attractive and clean lines will enhance all types of residential, commercial or public property. Various other profiles have been designed and incorporated allowing architects to achieve combinations of fixed lights and sliding sashes without the need for a separate coupling mullion.

Performance Overview

Weather Performance - All windows have been tested to provide Class ll weather tightness as defined by BS6375 Pt. 1 and BS4873.

Size Limitation

Max. Sash Weight Max. Sash Width Max. Sash Height Min. Sash Width
80Kg 1500mm 1500mm 600mm


Aluminium profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy 6060T6, T5 or T4 complying with the recommendations of BS EN 12020-2 / BS EN 755 Parts 1-9.

Metal Technology can provide tailored U-value calculations using their dedicated estimating software to calculate overall project average window U-values for their full range of systems.


Frame members are generally square cut or with mitred joints. Corners are assembled with stainless steel screws driven into corner cleats or screwport grooves. All frame joints are sealed during construction against entry of water. Woven woolpiles and glazing gaskets are provided to resist the ingress of water.


The range of sections can be provided in either of the following ranges of finishes:

  • Anodised to BS 1615 or BS 3987
  • Powder organic coated to BS 6496
  • Metal Technology's powder coating is produced to Qualicoat standards.


Glazing is by means of an extruded channel gasket, which is wrapped around the glass, prior to the assembly of the frame members around the unit. Window can accommodate glazing from 6mm single glazing to 24mm double glazed units.

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